Carbon Filters :



Activated Carbon Filters / Block Carbon Filters

Activated carbon remains the primary material used in POU (point-of-use) water treatment devices for the control of chlorine, taste and odor. The advantage of activated carbon is its broad spectrum capacity to adsorb organic chemicals and promote catalytic/chemical reduction of chlorine disinfectants, both of which contribute to bad taste in potable water.


To meet basic chlorine, taste and odor reduction requirements, a bed of loose granular activated carbon (GAC) is often suitable. Modern consumer water filters (RO systems), however, often provide additional " health claims," including reduction of particulates such as asbestos or other submicron materials, heavy metals, toxic organic chemicals.

Tastes and odors in water can be very objectionable. Tastes and odors are caused by many things including chlorine, and dissolved gases or minerals...etc.  which tastes and smells like rotten eggs or sulfur.

Most tastes and odors can be easily treated by a cartridge filter containing activated carbon. The carbon absorbs the taste and odor.


Granular carbon and Solid Block carbon

Granular activated carbon is a well-established technology for the reduction of a wide range of aesthetic contaminants, and is quite effective in the reduction of some health contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (benzene, trichloroethylene, and other "petroleum"-based contaminants.


Because of its molecular makeup, activated carbon can adsorb well, meaning that it can take in or collect many organic molecules on its surface. Granular activated carbon filters are typically inexpensive, and maintenance involves replacing six to twelve cartridges a year, depending on the quality of the raw water and the filter media.


Specially designed solid block and precoat activated carbon filters are also available, which are effective at reducing heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Solid block filters with a pore size smaller than 0.2 microns are often effective against biological contaminants as well.




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