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Pure-Pro Water Corporation was established to supply high quality water treatment systems and accessories. We are specialized in manufacturing a variety of standard and customized reverse osmosis (RO) and water purification systems.



Jun. 1999:  Established PurePro USA, the drinking water solution.

Oct. 1999:  Registered "" for Taiwan domain name 

Mar. 2001:  Water Quality Test / Analysis Report Certificate

Apr. 2003:  Join Water Quality Association

July 2004:  Win Taiwan Products Awards by

July 2004:  Introducing a state-of-the-art counter-top system- Astroboy

Dec 2004:  Taiwan Water Purification Products Best Buy Award

May 2005:  Design a online catalogues / purepro posters.

June 2005: New counter top RO system: ET-PURE

Aug. 2005: Sea Water Purifier Systems MH-943 (No-plumbing)

Feb. 2006 : for Chinese Market & Taiwanese Market

April 2006:  S-series quick-change cartridge.

June 2006:  S300, S500, S800 quick-change cartridge filter systems

Sep. 2007:  New product: SuperPump

Nov. 2008:  M-series RO units. High Capacity, low cost system.

Jan. 2009:

Jan. 2009:  Direct Flow RO systems.

Feb. 2009:  RO Components

Mar. 2009:  PurePro USA Color box

June 2009:  Marketing Materials

Sep. 2009:  Stainless Steel Water Coolers

Nov. 2009:  Alkaline RO Systems

Jan. 2010:  K-Series RO Systems

Mar. 2010: 

May. 2010:  PurePro Perfect Water System (RO + Water Ionizer) 

June. 2010: G-Series RO Systems ( 6 & 7 Stage RO units)

Oct. 2010:  Blue Grey Water Cooler

Oct. 2010:  PurePro USA Water Ionizers (Discover incredible health benefits)

Jan. 2011:  PurePro Luxury RO Systems

Feb. 2011:  PurePro USA Water Ionizer Website

Mar. 2011:  Pure-Pro Water Corp Facebook

Mar. 2011:  Private Label Reseller Programs

Mar. 2011:  Standing Frame Whole House Filter

May. 2011: PurePro Luxury RO Systems

July  2011: PurePro Alkaline RO Systems

Aug. 2011:  PurePro® New Catalogs Website (click the picture to enlarge)

Jan. 2012:  PurePro® ROYAL RO Systems

June. 2012:  PurePro® Quick-Change RO Systems

Sep. 2012:   NSF certificated membranes 



The latest update: 2012/09/02

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