ET-PURE appoints the below high quality cartridge filters:

We are one of the few manufacturers who still insist on using only FDA/NSF certified filters made in the United States.

 1stage:  5 Micron Sediment Filter / Quick-Change Filter





This 5micron sediment filter is made by Anti-Bacteria. High capacity filter removes dusts, particles and rusts. Product comply with FDA test standard. Anti-Bacterial: 99.70%, Use 100% pure PP fine fiber. Product series have been passed the test in accordance with the filtering effect test of ANSI-NSF standard 42 - particulate reduction class II-V of U.S.A.

Maximum Flow : 0.75GPM

Maximum Pressure:125PSI

Maximum Temperature:100F


1st stage of ET-PURE: Service Life:1500GAL / 6 months


 2,3 stage: Activated Carbon Filter / Quick-change filter



This granular activated carbon filter is composed of high-performance activated carbon that remove free chlorine, odor, organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals that contributed to taste and odor.

Maximum Flow : 0.75GPM

Maximum Pressure:125PSI

Maximum Temperature:100F.


2nd & 3rd stage of ET-PURE : Service Life:1500GAL / 6 months



 4 stage: TFC 1812-50 USA membrane

Membranes are made in USA. (membrane material are from Dow Chemical), the maker of the world's most advanced reverse osmosis membranes. High rejection membrane with the capacity of producing 80 gallons per day. Eliminates up to 99.9% of most chemicals, dissolved solids, metals, bacteria, and viruses. 

4th stage filter of ET-PURE: Service Life:10000GAL / 2~3 years

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 5 stage : Post Carbon Filter


This post carbon filter is designed to improve taste. It removes any residual impurities and odors and provides a finer conditioning of pure water. 

Maximum Flow : 0.75GPM

Maximum Pressure:125PSI

Maximum Temperature:100F.

5th stage of ET-PURE: Service Life:3000GAL / 1 year


How to replace the cartridge filters ? please click here for more information.