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Amazing Difference, March 14, 2010


 G. Keegan (Royersford, Pa United States)

The municipal water where I live has so much chlorine and other things in the water that you can easily smell it in the shower. Because of that, my skin and hair were just about always dry. Chlorine is added to municipal water to kill living things such as bacteria and virii, and since we're living things, it tries to kill us too. Unlike a pool, most people shower every day at least once.

In the shower, your skin absorbs this chemical and you inhale the chlorine gas when it steams up. This is highly toxic to your body.

Installation of this filter was a breeze. I'm absolutely horrible at most do-it-yourself things, but this took me less than five minutes to install, and that includes finding a wrench.

After only a short time of using it, my skin is softer, my hair is manageable and soft and easy to comb, I use much less soap and shampoo, and I feel generally better; healthier.

I would highly recommend this PurePro PRO-6000 filter. The feeling and health benefits far exceed the cost.


Great Product, December 12, 2011


S. Kufov (Zyzyxx, NV)

Well, after trying about every brand of shampoo to get rid of my dandruff problem, none of them helped. So i decided to go with this product based on 1 review it had, i took my chance. After the first use, i noticed the difference right away. My hair was soft, and after about a month of using this Shower filter, my dandruff is about 95% gone. I am really satisfied with this product, i will purchase another set for my 2nd bathroom.



Worth Every Penny,  November 14, 2011


Brian Smith (Las Vegas, NV.)

You won't believe how much difference a shower filter can make, & this one is wonderful! My brush & comb just glide through my long hair now, instead of dealing with tangles & hair braking off. My skin is so soft, even without a moisturizer. My soap & shampoo lather much better & I'm able to smell the scents so much better. I'd highly recommend this product!



PRO-6000 Shower Filter, October 28, 2011


L. Nagele (Shoreline, WA)

This is the best shower filter I have tried. I suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and have Atopic Dermatitis. It is vital that the water I consume and put on my body be as chemical free as possible. The filter needs changing about once a year.




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