TDS Electronic Control Box




Auto flushing the membrane to get the best RO performance.
It is the world most modern technologies for RO system. It was usually been installed in the industry RO unit only. But now we are the first one to install it in our residential RO103TDS model. 


Built-in the self-cleaning procedure, so the membrane remains clean. Water never stands still for a longer time to avoid bacteria growing. Let all the customers can enjoy the best water quality.


TDS reading - show the water quality
Yes, it is so smart ! It built-in the TDS Meter to show the TDS results from 01ppm ---99ppm. Customer is very easy to know what kind of water quality they got from our system.

Built-in "Water Temperature Compensation" 
When the reading is over 40 ppm (NSF standards for the safe drinking water), please exchange your membrane.


Working Time of Membrane
Work Time shows the membrane's working time. The membrane's working time will be calculated up to 2500 hours.  It stop to counter the time to warn the user for the membrane need changing. 


Manual Flush button to flush the membrane immediately.
Press the "Manual Flush" to flush the membrane immediately to keep its best RO performance. This function can be used when you exchange the pre cartridge filter and want to flush the pre carbon before using the water for food or drinking.
(Caron prefilters usually needs to be flushing before using)


Reset the system
Reset Button to set up the working time from the beginning. After the replacement of cartridges filters, we suggest to reset the system. It will begin to flush all the cartridges filter (including the membrane) for 60 seconds.


5 Indicators : shows how it works 
Full, Flush, Pump Work, Source, Manual Flush. Easy to control the RO system and help the user to more understand the RO system and will warn the user if operation is affected for any reason. 


103TDS Control Box User's Manual : Page 01  Page 02



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